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About BGVP

Based in Guangdong, China. BGVP is an IEM maker providing a whole range of earphones at affordable prices. They became more and more popular these past months and we had the chance to review almost all of their models, such as: DMG, DM6, DM7, DMS.

And today, we are discovering another addition to their line-up, the BGVP Q2. No more DMx in the typology, why? Because the Q2 surf the hype wave, being the first TWS of the brand. No more wires, just the music. It’s time to find out!

The BGVP Series

As usual, let’s check BGVP line-up, to see where the new Q2 ends up.



The BGVP DMG was reviewed previously, so you can check our review here. It’s a hybrid IEM with 2DD+4BA in a metallic shell. It’s a good earphone with lush sound and replaceable filters to tune the sound, the real drawback being the weak isolation.

What did we think of it ?

” The BGVP DMG is a true all-rounder: it’s fast, precise and truly balanced without compromising the bass section.[…]The poor isolation, however, is my main concern regarding the DMG, as its exceptional performances are totally annihilated in public transports. ”


The BGVP DM6 is a 5-drivers / 3-way IEM that we previously reviewed. It packs good sound, cool design, ergonomic fit, and low-price : all you ever might want, in an IEM. Want a quote?

“The BGVP DM6 offers a lot, for less. The sound is great, the fit is nice and it fixes one of the major flaws from the BGVP DMG: poor isolation. It was my daily driver for the past few weeks and it didn’t disappoint me at any time.”


 is an upgraded version of the DM6. It looks the same, sounds a lot like the prior one, but remains technically superior, in every way. Okay, it’s 50% more expensive, but we are talking of 200-300$/€ IEM, so you won’t end up broken by choosing one or the latter.

Auto-quote : “Again and again, BGVP keeps improving and the DM7 is the finest model they offer up to date. It’s a good improvement from the DM6, even if they both share the same sound signature. The improvements in the upper range really make a difference in the long term.”


The BGVP DMS is a hybrid IEM with no less than seven drivers. It looks a lot like the DMG, with a metallic enclosure and a semi-custom shape. The price is low (150$) and the only drawback, in my opinion, was the poor isolation.

“So, is the BGVP DMS a good addition to the brand line-up? Yes… and no. The sound is superb, especially in this price range, with good dynamics, a neutral signature and no real flaws. Apart from the isolation that is, which truly kills the mood.”

And now, it’s time to see how fare the first wireless IEM from BGVP