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Our News : BGVP NS9: Love it or Hate it

Pros: - Warm tonality that majority of listeners will prefer this kind of tuning.
- Good Bass Dynamics.
- Premium built quality.
- Good set for vocals due its rich and brimming quantity on mid notes density.
- Good quantity of contents and accesories inside of the packaging box.

Hello mates, Welcome to my humble IEM review here in Head-fi once again. As usual, I do some explanation about my takeaways and comprehensive analysis on such a particular IEM product provided by audio companies as always as either I received or bought it with my own dosh. I have this new set from an audio company, BGVP. I am quite familiar on this particular company as I have tested their BGVP DMG and BGVP DM6 before some few years ago. BGVP is one of the few companies in Chi-fi world that delivers some of a well-tuned and good built quality products that was quite familiar and known in the audio community scene. A representative send me this review unit for my honest impression and a feedback on their product.

This is BGVP NS9, their latest offering in over a hundred dollar (US) IEM segment, It is made of CNC-milled aluminium with three-vertical lines embossed at the front metal shell which offer sturdiness and premium feel. This IEM has a hybrid set-up, Two (2) Dynamic Drivers and Seven (7) Balanced Armature Drivers. One of the most interesting part here are the BAs that they have chosen on these, Sonion and Knowles. Most of the IEM afficionados are very familiar on these BA brands, they are both use from midrangers to top-of-the-line IEMs in more popular and premium audio brands. The other interesting one is the implementation of multi-crossover circuit boards that promises better separation on three parts of audio frequency spectrum. The connector of this one is a MMCX for flexibility and manageable ergonomics.
The packaging box has a white colour in the front and back with black tinge on its sides.The front has a simple illustration of the NS9 itself with Hi-Res audio, Knowles and Sonion logos at the bottom, And some specification and the address of the company itself at the back. The contents inside are the IEMs, a silver four(4)-core single crystal SPC cable, 6 pairs of extra ear tips for vocals and bass for a usual three (3) different ear sizes, a pair of memory foam ear tips, an IEM hard leather case, 2 pairs of tuning filters inside of a small opaque case (This one has a changeable screen tuning filters on their nozzle to improve some audio frequency based on your tuning preference.) and some paperworks like warranty card and a simple instruction manual in different languages.

The wearable rating of this IEM is very comfortable into my average-size ears as it fit snugly into my ear canal without any ear fatigue and irritability, surprisingly that these IEMs are a little bit weighty. It has a good isolation that partially block from external noise.

The tonality of BGVP NS9 is warm with smooth transition on treble. Let's dive even more and to divulge its sound quality.


The bass quality is punchy, impactful and vigorous. It has decent reach on sub-bass I hear the rumble distinctly that most bassheads' wants on their LFs. The mid-bass has an average weigh tone as its provide a good amount on slam and very minimal or absence of bass bleeds on other frequency spectrum. The transiency of bass decay is quite a worthy to praise for its average speed. Double bass kicks still manage to tend to avoid some unnecessary smudges on other instruments. Bass guitars still sound with even burp and has that growl characteristics on it as I feel that natural portrayal of plucking on it. This is the low frequency caliber on what basshead are looking as I can recommend this set to them with a brazen grin on my face.


The mids of this one has forward and good texture density that will provide a full-bodied and sustaining mellowness along its frequency range. Both male and females vocals are both balanced and well-densed to provide better resolution and detail fullness as it will blend it well on melody harmoniously. The male vocals are engaging and with harmonic intensity while the female vocals are emotive and well-defined on its articulation, fluency and pacing within on their respective octave ranges. The percussions, rhythm and wind instruments sounds sonorously and natural as I can distinctly tell the tonality and timbre between the rhythm, lead and acoustic guitar as it has the crunch, vibrancy and crisp of a lead and acoustic guitars while rhythm guitar has these warm and amicable feel, the piano has these fullness and mellow. Snares strikes are penetrating yet retains its precision and clarity.


This is the part of the audio frequency which I find as an underwhelming and bland in my hearing perception. The treble is smoothen out on this one as I sense an undulating, less resolving on micro-detail and resolution even if I keep changing its tuning filters and eartips just to satisfy my part of being a treblehead but alas, no to avail. This set has an average or less treble extension with less airy due to some subdued peaks on the brilliance treble region. The cymbals strikes sounds tight and easily lose its sizzle and extension. Chimes and xylos are also lack of that glistening and luster characteristics. There are even tracks that I encounter that sounds like a gushing waterfalls especially on fast cymbals strikes that sounds hissy and quite soughing (Try Metallica's Jump In the Fire).The good aspect of this one that sibilance is absent on this one and treble sensitives will definitely enjoying its safe treble tuning.


The soundstage size of NS9 has an above average width with emphasis in depth. The vocals positioning are quite intimate on this one. The separation of instruments has sensing of space and imaging and layering has a good positional accuracy as I do a sweeping spatial panning in some tracks I can locate placements of instruments and vocals on each row.

As I conclude my review on this unit, this is good set for people who wants a comfortable listening experience yet delivers a decent audio quality. Trebleheaded ones will probably shun on this as they will find as dark and too mellow but a certain set of listerners like Bassheads and Midcentrics will definitely love its capability on delivering on their preferred tuning and natural tonality on it.



I am not affliated to BGVP nor receive monetary incentives and financial gains as they provide me a review unit for an exchange of factual and sincere feedback from yours truly.