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Our News : BGVP DN3: Lean, Clarity and Luminous


Audio enthusiasts out there, Are you waiting for the next IEM review that I will feature here.

Last time, I reviewed an entry-level,  hybrid set-up IEM from BGVP, The BGVP DN2. And now I have its succesor unit at my hand, The BGVP DN3. This is actually my 3rd product review from BGVP. Its pricing will be around US$71.0051.00.






DN3 has similar drivers set-up with its predecessor, a single 10mm  "Beryllium"-coated Dynamic Driver and a HEVK balanced armature which claims to be an improvement over the previous "Phoenix" Balanced Armature of the DN2 model for better resolution and clarity.





The packaging box is identical to its predecessor from paper sleeve (albeit the front illustration now is from that of DN3 and the back was the redesigned cues on specs list of this set), the box and even the arrangement of its contents from eartips to small box that contains the stock cable. The contents inside is consist of the IEMs itself, Three (3) pairs of eartips for vocals of different sizes, Another of Three (3) pairs of eartips of different sizes, a pair of memory foams, a light grey velvet pouch, a black Silver-plated OCC cable (this one is with-mic variant) and some paperworks and documentation like warranty card and instruction manuals.








The BGVP DN3's shell is made of high quality CNC-milled finished aluminum alloy in both faceplate and base part of the IEM itself thats was precisely design for better fitting on ear contour, It's aethetics design reminds me of a popular headphones from Hifiman, The Arya and The Ananda. There are two (2) vent holes on this set, one is at the top area of faceplate and the other one was near at the nozzle. The connector of DN3 is a  MMCX which is usual typical connector of most BGVP IEMs. It has two (2) available colour scheme to choose from, black and grey. The choice design of shape is commendable at it really fit snugly into my lug holes without any uncomfortable and irritating wearing experience in a long  listening session.(I'm using the vocals ear tips when I reviewed this set.)






Scalability of this set is somehow decent as my sources (two(2) LG phones with hifi QUAD DACs) can drive them easily. These are actually easy drive as it has an impedance rating of 19 ohms and a sensitivity of 109 dB/mW that most gadgets like smartphones, DAPs, tablets and laptops has proper output to power up this IEM.





The sound signature of BGVP DN3 is more on a mildly U-shape tonality leaning towards neutrality. It has some boosted bass, linear mids and has an emphasis on upper mids and elevated treble part.


Here are some characteristics of sound on its audio frequency




The bass quality of this set is more on tight, controlled and mellow, the sub bass is decent as it has faint reverberation while the mid bass is on an ample texture as it has sufficient slam on bass kicks and average deep and resonant growl of a bass guitar. This is not absolutely a basshead's bass choice.




The mids has that transparent, smooth and leaning towards coziness attributes as the male vocals more in a leaner tone weight while the high octave vocals of both male and female vocals benefited more due to its tuning on elevated mids and uppermids as they sound more forward, detailed, crisp and uncompromising clarity. Plucking of acoutic guitars and harp sounds more crunchy and rich. Pianos sounds more a bright and vivid. Drum snares hit are on light to average penetrating sound, a little bit rounded and warm. This kind of mids quality will be readily accept by midcentric and vocal focus audio enthusiasts alike.




I sorted this treble is on a bright side, Upper-mids is somewhat a highlight on this set as it has that energy and crisp resolution but for overly treble-sensitive individuals, they might find it unpleasant due to its gratiness aspect, It has very minuscule  presence of sibilance but it doesnt affect the quality overall to be sound hissy annoying. It has ample amount of airiness just to sound of cymbals strikes as organic but better extension and slower treble decay will be better if you want to hear the swishing and shimmer end of crashing hats.




The soundstage is in above average width with average height and good depth reach as how my ear perceive its size and dimension. Separation is fine as I feel sense of spaces and rows of instruments but there's are some concern to be noted, the vocal placement is somehow more affront and centered. Location of instruments are well-indicated and pinpointed accurately on spatial perception of sound room dimension.


To be fair, this set is decently balance sounding as it has this smoother and neutralish attribute to make it sound more detailed and high resolution response. I can't keep it comparing it to its predecessor, The BGVP DN2, as BGVP DN3 has a lesser texture, more lean on dynamics, less coherent yet smoother feedback across it frequency range in exchange for the better resolution and lucidity. This IEM will cater among the audio enthusiast who wants to listen an analytical and clinical sounding on their Hi-res lossless format from their sources.This is also a good set too for recommendation to typical casual listeners and newbies on the audio hobby who want to deep dive more on the realm on high fidelity state at decent price.I hope that you would enjoy my review. Cheers, mates!







-Well-assured quality built as it is made of choice material like alumium alloy to ensure its sturdiness that it will last long.


- Good aesthetic design choice (is that you Arya in mini form?)


- High resolution and detail retrieval is thy name.


- "Neutral" - sounding IEM for a decent price.


- As usual for BGVP products, a pleasant included goodies and accessories on unboxing experience.


- At last, another good vocal-centric in under US$100/£75.


-Better speed transience and natural decay on both ends of audio spectrum.




- Absolutely mediocre quality rubbery cable (w/ mic version).


- Certainly, not for bassheads.


- Once again, overly treble sensitives folks, this tuning might ruin your listening experience so avoid this one.



Some Tracks Tested: ( * = 16-bit FLAC, ** = 24-bit FLAC, *'* = MQA, '*' = DSD, *'= .WAV)



Marianna Leporace- If ( Bread cover) *

Debbie Gibson- Foolish  Beat *'*

Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks *'*

Santana - Europa *

Europe - Final Countdown *

Guns N' Roses - Patience *'*

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven '*'

Barry White - Never, Never Ever Give You Up

Pearl Jam - Daughter **

Roselia - Hidamari Rhodonite *

Agent Steel - Bleed for the Godz*

Metallica- Fade to Black **

Camouflage - The Great Commandment *

Queen - Killer Queen **

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean *

Bad Manners - Just a Feeling *

Riot- Warrior *

Mariah Carey- Love Takes Time *

Layla Kaylif - Shakespeare in Love *

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush *

David Bowie - Heroes **

Prince - When the Doves Cry *

Exodus - Metal Command *

Nelly - Luven Me *