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Product - H7 7n single crystal copper 4-core single strand 36 wire upgrade line

H7 7n single crystal copper 4-core single strand 36 wire upgrade line
Model:BGVP H7

It is suitable for popular ACG earplugs, soft listening, improving low frequency quality and diving, widening transverse sound field and strengthening instrumental positioning
Price:145.00 USD

Product Details

  • Mic:No
  • Whether to control:Yes

BGVP Black Roland H7
Fever wire? A black Roland is enough

Swell MMCX interface
Just to meet your picky needs
Custom metal plug sleeves are carefully polished to handle every detail.

Inner core
Unwilling to be ordinary
One light luxury black, popular and ACG adjustment

Big data looks for the curvature that fits the shape of most people's ears, and rejects non-fitting. The ears are fragile and need skin-friendly material protection to give your lover-like care.

7N single crystal copper
36 cores per share
0.1MM each core

Independent adjuster, freely adjust the separation position, maintain satisfaction

Metal CNC with carbon fiber, stunning workmanship in the subtleties, highlighting the identity and style

Selected nylon material skin, discarding the stethoscope effect

Good wire, excellent material
Satisfy the sense of hearing in different locations
You need, we have

Double-layer relaxation design at the connection
Your line has since added a lot of life

24K gold-plated plug
Reducing audio transmission loss

Product specifications
Insulation material: Teflon
Structure: Litz
Material: 7N single crystal copper
Wire core: single strand 36 wire 0.1mm*4 core
Wire diameter:25awg
Length: 1.28 meters
Plug: 24K gold-plated carbon fiber plug
Pin: MMCX pin
Solder: silver solder
Splitter: Alloy splitter

Sound characteristics
Suitable for popular ACG earplugs, soft listening, improve low frequency quality and dive, widen the lateral sound field, strengthen instrumental positioning, play to the characteristics of vocals, weaken the brightness and enhance the charm, and reduce the burr of vocal knots.

Applicable to all MMCX interface earphone earplugs
All BGVP Series

SE215 | SE315 | SE425 | SE535 | SE846


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Series ES:ES10 | ES20 | ES30 | ES50 | ES60

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