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Product - DX5 earplug type metal flat head hifi headset

DX5 earplug type metal flat head hifi headset
Model:BGVP DX5

All aspects belong to the flat head ceiling, the voice is close to the ear, which is suitable for the flat head flagship of popular ACG female drugs
Price:65.00 USD

Product Details

  • Connector:3.5mm
  • Output source:HiFi
  • Material:金属/Metal
  • Line Length:125cm
  • Wearing Method:耳塞式/Earplugs
  • Impedance:32Ω
  • Sensitivity:110dB/mW
  • Frequency Response Range:12-40000Hz
  • Principle to vocalization:动圈/Moving coil
  • Mic:Yes
  • Whether to control:Yes

New flagship flat head earhud style

Balance of texture and weight control
The whole piece of 6 series aviation aluminum material is one-piece five-axis carved molding.With threaded special sound wave reflection channel .Make the sound more pure and natural.

Create exquisite metal aesthetics
It is built by a five-axis CNC lathe through a conplex process.Including polishing,sandblasting,oxidation,carving,etc.Luxurious like a work of art.

Diamond-like non-carbon crystal(DLC)diaphragm sound unit
Adopt 14.0mm diamond-like non-carbon crystal(DLC)diaphragm sound unit,yes A technology that allows carbon to rapidly cool down and crystallize at high energy;It can be compared to diamondshardness.Combined with years of acoustic experience,the quality of DLC diaphragm can be squeezed to a greater extent,Brings a more natural and thorough sound.

Ergonomic design
Ergonomic design,more stable to wear,more comfortable fit,Bring you a high-quality new sensory experience.

Incredible acoustic cavity structure
Persistent pursuit of quality,we have given up a lot.The core components,strict selection of higher quality structural accessories,to improve quality from the source.

Well-tuned frequency response curve
The overall curve is very natural,and the vocal details are rich,soft and not irritating.

MMCX interface design
Adopt MMCX gold-plated interface design with a high market share.The personalized plug-in design allows the headset to add more extended functions.

5N Copper and silver mixBraided wire

Differemt colors,different wonderful
Multiple colors,multiple choices.Whether it is cool obsidian,restrained starry sky gray,or luxnrious mirror silver.Will always satisfy your demanding choices.