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Product - BGVP DH5


DH5 introduction: 2pcs BGVP customized high-frequency moving iron+2pcs Lou's intermediate-frequency moving iron+1 piece of 10mm beryllium alloy composite moving coil, 5 units on one side, 10 units in total; Mainly inquiring about the sense of hearing, smooth vocals and sound field , Low frequency, etc. The shell is made of 3D printing equipment resin integral molding. The accuracy of each pair of earphones is ensured to the utmost extent, and you will not feel tired after wearing it for a long time.
Price:84.99 USD

Product Details

  • Connector:3.5mm
  • Output source:HiFi
  • Material:树脂/Resin
  • Line Length:125cm
  • Wearing Method:耳塞式
  • Impedance:16Ω
  • Sensitivity:119dB/mW
  • Frequency Response Range:10-40000Hz
  • Principle to vocalization:动圈
  • Mic:No
  • Whether to control:No


5-driver hybrid in ear monitors

Hybrid Technology can provide a wider Frequency Response

Upper mids frequency are managed by two knowles RAF series balanced armature,reproducing a smoother,crispier and solid upper mids performance.Ultra high frequency are managed by two 2nd generation Phoenix balanced armature,enhancing treble density and extension yet transparent and natural.

Whole new beryllium plated diaphragm dynamic driver

DH5 adopts dual-sound cavity custom-made high-end beryllium plated diaphragm dynamic driver for bass frequency,effectively reducing distortion and reproducing a cleaner and faster decay.

Precise electronic Three-crossway frequency distribution

Makes dynamic driver and balanced armature are connected smoother than ever DH5 uses an innovative allocation of Upper frequency,mids frequency and bass frequency,bringing you the next level experience of listening.

N52 Magnet
10mm Beryllium plated diaphragm DD
16 Ohm low impedance

New customised 10mm beryllium plated diaphragm dynamic driver,with a 16ohm low impedance,it can be easily driven even for mobile phone user.The N52 magnetic and iron boron gold-plated shell can effectively increase magnetic flux in order to improve bass impact,depth and dynamic.

3D Printed Resin Shell

The new DH5 uses the third generation of DLP 3D printing technology,made of medical grade PMMA acrylic fibre material,eddectively improved heat resistance and impact.

Over-the-ear fitting,ergonomic design

Similar to the design of a customized model,by gathering a large amount of ear print data,the DH5 fits perfectly in your ear,allowing you to enjoy the negative distance contact between your ears,you can therefore focus on music anytime,anywhere.

Wood chip Lid

DH5 comes with a standard high purity 6N OCC silver plated cable

Can effectively reduce the distortion and loss caused by the signal transmission process,overall sound is more transparent,quality is better as well.expandable 2PIN-0.78 socket design has a much longer life,allowing you to change cables anywhere,anytime.

The frequency curve is smooth as silk

Pop music,ACG,classical music,chamber or symphony orchestrawith a on spot soundstage performance.sweet vocals making a long time listening session possible without any fatigue.

Hi-Res high-quality audio certification is here

DH5 has granted the"Hi-Res Audio" certification by the Japan Audio Association.Bringing you listening experience beyond the CD level.

Product shot

Product Specification

Frequency Response:10Hz-40kHz

Cable Length:1.2m±5%

Input Impedance:19Ω

Distortion Rate:≤0.5%(1kHz)

Sensitivity:≥119dB SPL/MW

Rated Power:8mW

Distorting:Beryllium Alloys DD+4BA(Knowels+Custom Made)

Channel Difference:≤1dB

Standard accessories:

Storage box*1

Cleaning brush*1

Vocal Ear Tips  S,M,L

Balanced Ear Tips  S,M,L


We are committed to researching and developing cost-effective fever products and insist on balancing the three frequencies As a tuning concept, we don’t compromise on the quality,Difficulty bowing.
We insist on making good products and high-quality services to bring you a differenceThe sensory world.

After-sales policy:
7 days no reason to return, the headset body is guaranteed for twelve months, and the cable is guaranteed for six months.