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Product - T01s


Price:15.99 USD

Product Details

  • Connector:3.5mm
  • Output source:HiFi
  • Material:金属/Metal
  • Sensitivity:128
  • Mic:No
  • Whether to control:Yes


Type-C HiFi DAC headphone amplifier

Slim body and powerful thrust

The six core configurations

Strong core source Conexant high-end audio chip

Built-in Conexant CX31993 HiFi digital audio decoder chip

This chip is also the chip used by major mobile phone manufacturers.

Has a very high SNR, very good sound quality performance,

The sampling rate can support up to 384khz/32bits.

Safety and high performance is a personal service tailored by BGVP for you.

T01s is a HIFI HiFi DAC headphone amplifier and developed by the BGVP team for several months, which is different from the conventional 31993 motherboard;T01s adopts the famous Japanese crystal oscillator and capacitor resistor to make the output sound more accurate. The specially tuned curve solves the problem of bottom noise and driving force, and the sound is more pure and natural.


8 Strand 5N OCC Cable

Very ordinary, but real materials, we are as picky about cables as you are


Beyond the parameters of high-priced HiFi players

The slight difference in the production process of each finished product may have a data error of about 1%, which is not a reason for return.Due to different volume and music quality, the output power consumption will vary. The average current is 23 mA, and there is a slight temperature rise at the Type-C terminal.

Small size, large driving capacity

Easily drive 600Ω high-impedance headphones, bid farewell to "insufficient driving force"

High compatibility

Compatible with 95% of the Type c interface Android phones and tablet phones on the market, WeChat, game voice


Familiar music, hearing a new touch

It is recommended to give priority to trial listening or download lossless music format, feel the charm of fever Lossless can enjoy more texture and details than MP3

Phone music

Has never been so balanced

The phone can also have the sound of the player,

so I can concentrate on saving you every money;

32bit/384kHz monster,

24bit/48KHz is not comparable.

The color of the product is subject to the actual product

Improve the vocal density and brightness, widen the sound field, and give you a real studio experience. Popular vocals are tuned, female voices are sweet and moisturized, male voices are magnetically attractive, and the overall sound is smoother and more durable.

There are independent and expensive audio decoding chips on the motherboards of HiFi-class "music phones".Borrowing the characteristics of the Type c port, adding an external HiFi sound card to the mobile phone greatly improves the quality of music output. The output sound quality of ordinary mobile phones is comparable to a thousand-yuan HIFI player.


Assign a little more to the love machine

A good horse with a good saddle, a good earphone with a good output front endHigh-density, clear and transparent is my uniqueness, wider sound field。

The separation of vocals and background sounds is higher, the bass is deeper without booming, the midrange is clear and more transparent, and the treble is melodious and unbreakable.

The output audio signal density is high, the sound is flexible enough, the details are rich, the sound field surrounds the feeling, the musical instrument has a strong sense of space, and the three-frequency is more balanced.


The headset is plug and play, and the wire control operation is as usual

Support international American standard headset

Support headphone volume adjustment

Support mobile phone calls


Never expected that the computer can also be used

Can be used as a USB external sound card to experience stronger output

The sound quality output is better than the sound card of the computer motherboard, watching blockbuster movies like a stereo surround sound theater, playing games like visiting the scene, the sound field is shocking and powerful.

Apple computer plug and play, you need to select "audio device" in the settings, Windows computer, please ask for the driver from customer service.

Comes with a USB to Type-C 3.0 high-speed adapter plug,The computer transfer speed is faster and the connection is more stable.


Little plug, a lot of knowledge

TID certified C plug, aluminum alloy housing, gold-plated contact baseHigh-quality aluminum alloy shell, ultra-precision zirconium sand blasting + electroplating process, fine surface, good hand feeling, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant。


Hi-Res High-quality Audio Certification is Here

BGVP T01s has granted the “Hi-Res Audio” certification by theJapan Audio Association.



Model:BGVP T01s

Interface:Type-C HiFi DAC Amplifier


Product Length:135mm±3mm

DAC Decoding Ability:32bit/384kHz


Dynamic Range/DNR:120dB




Output Load:16-600Ω Adaptive

Output Power:31mW Dual channer @32Ω


Cable:8 Strand 5N OCC Cable


Terms and Conditions

1. This product has a Type interface, which is only suitable for Type-C interface phones and tablets. Please make sure that the device has a Type-C interface before purchasing;

2. This product is mainly used for HiFi lossless music playback. It supports headset volume +, volume -, supports play/pause Android 8.0 and above, supports song cut function,supports WeChat calls, game calls, and some phones support calls;

3. This product is compatible with national standard/American standard earphones. Due to the different output current signals of theearphone button board defined by each company, a very small number of earphones will have abnormal buttons. If this happens, please replace the earphones; the original Apple earphones have built-in encryption Chip, does not support volume adjustment;

4. When using, first insert the earphone into the 3.5mm earphone jack of thisproduct, and then insert the product into the Type C port of the mobile phone;

5. Due to the slight difference in the size of the Type C female socket used by various brands of mobile phones, the Type C port is normally worn during the user's use, and there will be a very low probability of abnormalities such as playback stop and automaticvolume adjustment. Please re-plug this product Can be normal;

6. Some phones of OPPO and vivo need to enable the OTG function in the settings. Some Huawei signals will show "uncertified equipment" prompts, which will not increase power consumption or lose sound quality. Please rest assured that normal use will not be a reason for return;

7. This product has a built-in HiFi digital audio decoder chip. When playing a song, the Type C interface will be slightly Temperature rise



1. All data listed on this page are from the manufacturer's laboratory tests. The test data will be affected by the test environment and test tools,and there will be a difference of about 1%. Please refer to the actual situation.

2. The product pictures shown on the above page are only used as renderings. The actual product may differ from the above page. The actual effect is subject to the actual product.

3. Due to the difference between the production batch and the actual production process, product information, parameters, characteristics, etc. may be adjusted without notice.

4. This product is non-artificially guaranteed for 6 months (inclusive) from the date of purchase.