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Product - V12 unit customized four static electric iron lough's voice headset

V12 unit customized four static electric iron lough's voice headset
Model:BGVP V12

Unit 12 pure moving iron, upper seat of concert hall, ancient wind current 2 static electricity 6 moving iron, potential player with relatively high requirements for front end, good front end can produce good sound of 10000 yuan Flagship of instrumental music OK, ceiling performer of classical instruments Lou's dtec-30265 * 2 Lou's swfk-31736 * 2 Shengyang 33aj007i / 9 * 2 All are composite units, so there are 12 on one side Middle end magic machine (resin)
Price:1169.00 USD

Product Details

  • Connector:3.5mm
  • Output source:HiFi
  • Material:树脂/resin
  • Line Length:125cm
  • Wearing Method:耳塞式/Earplugs
  • Impedance:20Ω
  • Sensitivity:109dB/mW
  • Frequency Response Range:10-40000Hz
  • Principle to vocalization:动铁/Moving iron
  • Mic:Yes
  • Whether to control:Yes

BGVP ArtMagic V12
Ultimate configuration
German medical-grade resin material shell all hand-made
Knowles+Soion 12BA drivers each side
4-way crossover system+3 channel sound bore
2 tunning switches,4 genres of sound

Highest level tunning
Let 12 BA drivers work together to present wonderful sound
2*Knowles mid&high freq dual BA (DETC-30265)
2*Knowles hight freq dual BA (SWFK-31736)
2*Sonion low&mid freq dual BA (33AJ007i/9)

Well-prepared accessories
Come equipped with 8-strands OCC+Siver silk hybrid cable,excellent transmission performance, giving more clear and better sound .With MMCX (0.78 optional) detachable cable design,service life is longer,also able to change any other cables.
Also includes:
Vocal ear tips:L/M/S size
Balanced ear tips:L/M/S size
Foam tips:M size
Storage metal box: x1
Cleaning brush: x1


Frequency response

4-way crossover system,3 channel sound bore with 3 knowles sound filter,2 tunning switches
All these configuration that V12 used,makes the sound in all frequencies smooth-connected,and able to present a true,amazing sound.The soundstage is just in right size,separation and imaging are also great.Instruments in the music is so fascinating and beautiful that makes you love instrumental music.

2 tunning switches,giving more fun!

Channel Difference:≤0.5dB
Frequwncy Response:10Hz-40kHz
Configuration:12 Balanced armatures
Sensitivity:≥115dB SPL/MW
Rated power:6mW
Cable length:1.2m±5%

About ArtMagic
BGVP new series,which focus on high-end grade custo mize IEMs.
ArtMagic model support customization,once the customization order is made,it can not be cancelled or returned due to the high cost.Please consider carefully before making the order.