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Product - DM6 five unit Lou movable iron earphone

DM6 five unit Lou movable iron earphone
Model:BGVP DM6

Unit 5 pure moving iron, omnivorous Voyager, specially for omnivorous women.
Price:192.00 USD

Product Details

  • Connector:3.5mm
  • Output source:HiFi
  • Material:树脂/resin
  • Line Length:120cm
  • Wearing Method:耳塞式/Earplugs
  • Impedance:19.8Ω
  • Sensitivity:122dB/mW
  • Frequency Response Range:10-400000Hz
  • Principle to vocalization:动铁/Moving iron
  • Mic:Yes
  • Whether to control:Yes


5 BA Drivers each side
Including BGVP's first custom-BA driver with a distortion rate as low as 0.1%,the sound texture of medium and high frequency is further improved

3D printing resin cavity
Germany EnvisionTEC 3D printing equipment,made of PMMA medical acrylic fiber material,improves high temperature resistance and impact resistance.

High quality MMCX interface
Effectively solve the problem that the headset cannot be used due to disconnection, improve the diversity of playability, and provide more options for future cable upgrades

Redefine the voice
Totally 10 BA drivers,3-Frequency division technology,make deep bass,more detail.

Unique custom number
Each DM6 has a unique number with an "L"and "R"at the end representing the left and right.

Ergonomic shape,give you ectremely comfortable wearing experience